June 12, 2018

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I truly have no plan or clue...

July 2, 2018


As I begin each cake that I make, often times (more often then not...) I don’t have a fucking clue, as to how exactly, it will end up looking as the final product. 

It’s a journey, come with me. 


I don’t have a fucking clue about a lot of things. 


I always have a vision in my mind of the basic idea of what & how I want to do with a cake. Never an exact image though. 

This has allowed me to learn a lot of what does & doesn’t work. I have cakes that I’ve done that I’m so proud of & then there are some cakes that all I am able to see are the faults with it & what I should have done.

Same with life. 


With this cake, I was so excited to make a blueberry & lemon cake. You read that right. I get excited to make cakes. Especially with summer fruits, which are my favorite fruits (remember, if it’s not about me, I lose focus) I knew I wanted it white on white vanilla frosting decorations along with fresh berries. 

I crumbcoated the cake, piped some vanilla frosting flowers, put in them in the freezer, went to Whole Foods to get some berries, came back home & finished the cake off with vanilla frosting. My favorite blank canvas. 


Then I looked blankly at the cake with zero idea, inspiration or clue of how I was going to put this all together. The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want to write “Happy Birthday” on it, even though it was for a birthday cake. (I’m in charge here...) so I started placing the frosting flowers, in a very haphazardly fashion, on top of the cake. As I placed each flower, I started to see pathways inbetween the frosting flowers & I got the idea to fill the empty pathways with delicious, ripe, flavorful, at their peak, blueberries & raspberries. 

The satisfaction I feel when I decorate a cake, is a feeling I hope every human gets to feel. It is satisfying & soul feeding, on an entirely heavenly level to me. 


As I work on each cake & see them take shape as I go, I love it more & more. 

I really love how this cake turned out & it makes me feel proud. 


In life, we often have expectations & ideas of how we want people & situations to be. 

No matter how wonderfully glorious you envision people or situations, it doesn’t mean it’ll turn out how you hoped. 

Exactly the way I feel about cake decorating. 


Good or bad, what’s meant to be will be. 


Life ( & cake decorating for this post) doesn’t turn out as you envisioned often times and you can find yourself in a very empty pathway not having a clue in what to do or where to go next or who you can count on. 


Learning to let go of my expectations, trust & believe in myself is the best move I’ve ever made. 

Now, those empty pathways have filled up with the absolute best, peak of season, most flavorful fruit I’ve ever known. 


In learning to let go, trust & believe in myself, I realize that I got this like a mother fucker. 


That’s why I’m so good at cakes. And a few other things. 


This blank canvas cake, in which I had no idea how to start, slowly turned into one of my favorite cakes and an accidental July 4th themed birthday cake. The red white & blue was not planned and I was so happy to see it turn out turn out that way. 

I love it. I love LOVE LOVE it! 

Just allowing things to unfold while listening & trusting my intuition is my best tool in cake decorating & in life. 



It’s amazing what you can do when you belive in yourself & have great fruit in your life. 


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